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What is human happiness?
This is the starting point of our business.

The name of Uneeds reflects our desire to be a company that meets the various needs of our customers and supports a happier life. We started as a software development company in 2012, and have since expanded into export trading, real estate, food and beverage, and other diversified businesses. In 2022, the year of its 10th anniversary, Uneeds will again take on the challenge of another adventurous journey. We will start UKaMei, a service that matches restaurant owners with investors, utilizing the knowledge, information, and qualifications we have cultivated in our business to date. The world is in a very difficult situation right now. The word "global" is losing its momentum, but I believe that by sincerely addressing the challenges before us and solving them one at a time, we can one day shine brightly.
We work for the happiness of our customers. It exists to meet all that is needed to enrich life = NEEDS. We are happy not only to please our customers, but also to contribute to society at large. We will continue to strive to do business with dignity while staying close to our customers.

趙 玉富

Zhao Yufu / CEO
Team Member


There are people.
There is happiness.

We think about what is truly good for our customers and provide them with joy, happiness and satisfaction.
Through our corporate activities,
We aim to be a dignified company that contributes to the enrichment of people's lives through our corporate activities.


To be trusted,
We want to be a trustworthy and dignified company.

We want to be loved by our customers and society,
We want to be a sincere company that is loved and trusted by our customers and society.
We believe in the imagination and creativity of our employees,
We want to be a dignified company that


Our encounters with customers are our most important asset.

We aim to build a relationship of trust with everyone we meet through our business, and to be a partner company that people are happy to work with us.

Meet the team

We are creative professionals

Team Member
Zhao Yufu
趙 玉富
CEO & Founder
Team Member
Watanabe Naoko
CEO & Director
Team Member
石川 洋子


Company Name Uneeds株式会社
Uneeds Corporation
CEO Zhao Yufu
Office ■Ueno Office
2-22-7 Kita-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo Este Kita-Ueno 203
TEL. 03-5830-7650
FAX. 03-5830-7651

■Shinjuku Office
3-5-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Q Plaza Shinjuku 3-chome 707
TEL. 03-3356-2388
FAX. 03-3356-2389
URL uneeds.jp
Establishment 2012.12.02
Capital 35,000,000 YEN
Number of employees 66 (Group Companies)
Business Real estate sales, real estate leasing, restaurant management and franchisee matching service UKaMei
Sales 550,000,000 YEN (Group Companies)



2-22-7 Kita-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Este Kita-Ueno 203

TEL 03 5830 7650
FAX 03 5830 7651


3-5-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Q Plaza Shinjuku 3-chome 707

TEL 03 3356 2388
FAX 03 3356 2389